Introducing NewGen Freedom® and NewGen Independence®

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Behind every new venture lies the inspiration that initiated it all. The spark that led to the creation of NewGen™ lies with the two boxwood that will be the initial introductions of the line. After years of research, these two cultivars outperformed the more common varieties available on the market. These selections offer the industry a solution to the disease and pest problems boxwood continue to face. Being introduced to the market in 2020 are NewGen Independence® and NewGen Freedom®. With names that evoke imagery tracing back to 18th century, colonial America, where a new country was blazing a trail in history, these plants will lead the industry demonstrating better tolerance of Boxwood Blight, resistance to Boxwood Leafminer, and WOW factor in the landscape.

NewGen Independence in Snow.jpg

The first selection, NewGen Independence® (Buxus NewGen Independence® ‘SB108’ PP# 28888) will catch your eye with its deep green color that holds through the winter. Filling out to a nice rounded, medium-sized shrub, this variety can be used in formal plantings or to provide structure in less formal gardens. NewGen Independence® fills a need in the industry as a replacement for English Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’). English boxwood is known as being one of the cultivars most susceptible to Boxwood Blight, so much so that many producers can no longer risk growing them. This new variety will offer gardeners and landscapers a solution by achieving the same look but with a plant that has shown high tolerance of Boxwood Blight.


As a chance seedling found near Williamsburg, Virginia, NewGen Independence® thrives in zones 5b to 8 and will be a gardener’s dream whether it is a specimen on its own, used in a medium hedge, or as a foundation plant. Once planted and established, with minimal annual care, this plant will be a timeless addition to any landscape. For more details about this wonderful plant, check out the link below:

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NewGen Freedom® (Buxus NewGen Freedom® ‘SB300’) is the second of the two introductions but will capture just as much attention. As a more vigorous grower, this rounded cultivar is slightly taller than it is wide and has beautiful glossy foliage, making it an excellent choice for both formal and residential landscapes. This plant was chosen not only for its demonstrated tolerance of pests and diseases, but its overall vigor creates beautiful structure in a garden much quicker than many other varieties available. Hardy in zones 5-8, this particularly grower friendly plant makes an excellent specimen, hedge, or foundation plant in landscapes all over. For information and photos, follow the link below:


Both plants were selected because they outperformed the rest through years of research. These new cultivars surpass current varieties available in the industry with their better tolerance of Boxwood Blight, strong resistance to Boxwood Leafminer, and overall beauty in the landscape. These plants offer solutions to the most prevalent boxwood pests and diseases today. The NewGen™ brand aims to lead the charge with this new generation of boxwood and continues to be dedicated to future innovations.

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