Highlights from Cultivate 2019


The Cultivate show, hosted by AmericanHort, takes place in Columbus, Ohio and attracts horticulturists from all over the globe. Although the show did not begin until Sunday, Columbus was buzzing with growers, retailers, and enthusiasts on Saturday. Many attendees were able to enjoy tours, workshops, and other educational sessions. The NewGen™ team took some time on Saturday to get out of the city and spend the afternoon touring Decker Nursery, one of the NewGen™ liner producers. It was great to see their operation and the innovative ways they are producing liners and finished material. We even got to sneak a peek at some of the early NewGen™ liners that will be shipped out to our licensees next spring!


Sunday began the trade show and our first chance to talk to many of the attendees about NewGen Independence® and NewGen Freedom®. With the formal introduction of our first two selections just weeks before the show, this provided and exciting opportunity for growers and retailers to experience the plants. These introductions were on display at the Willioway Nursery booth, along with the new plants display.

The Saunders Brothers Team at the Retail Choice Awards.

The Saunders Brothers Team at the Retail Choice Awards.

Monday brought another day of exciting educational classes and another day of the trade show. The highlight of the day was the Retail Choice Awards sponsored by the Garden Center Group. The judges evaluated 70 new products and plants on the market, and chose 15 to be recognized. NewGen™ Boxwood was chosen as one of these award recipients! We are excited and honored to stand alongside the most innovative products on the market for 2019/2020.

As the show came to a close on Tuesday, we said our goodbyes to our friends and colleagues in Columbus. It was a great opportunity to share more about our story with our peers and we look forward to sharing more next year.