Why NewGen™ Boxwood?

coming in 2020

The mission of NewGen™ Boxwood is to be the standard bearer of a distinctively better family of boxwood. We are here to bring the industry a new generation of plants that have proven themselves through years of trialing. Our promise is to provide exceptional plants that have better tolerance of Boxwood Blight, better resistance to Boxwood Leafminer, and overall stunning appearance. To meet these promises, we have a comprehensive approach, focusing on:

NGB 4CShadedwTag.png
  • Bio-secure testing methods and standards

  • Superior introductions for successful gardening

  • Establishing a regional network of premier licensed propagators and growers

  • Maintaining national and international relationships

  • Ongoing search for new and improved genetics

  • Brand identity and marketing to create product awareness

At NewGen™ we also want to share the years of experience we have by providing growers, landscapers, and homeowners with the information they need to succeed as a boxwood grower.