Saunders Genetics is taking the initiative, pushing beyond growing protocols and monitoring, with diligent trialing and evaluation.

NewGen has been working alongside many organizations and universities to evaluate over 150 different cultivars of boxwood for their tolerance of boxwood blight and resistance to leafminer. Below you can read about the different groups and the work we have done with them.


Boxwood Blight testing

From 2012 through 2014, Saunders Brothers provided the boxwood for Kelly Ivors’ Box Blight research through North Carolina State University. Her diligent work over 3 years culled out many blight-susceptible varieties.

In 2015, Saunders Brothers privately began its own field testing of the most promising cultivars, confirming Ivors’ work while also finding other cultivars. The most promising cultivars continued to be at the top of the list.



University connections

Saunders Brothers has closely followed the work of N. C. State University, Virginia Tech, the University of Connecticut, and USDA in Beltsville as they work to find solutions to today’s boxwood problems.



Other organizations

Saunders Brothers, Inc. has made significant contributions to the Horticultural Research Institute, the research arm of AmericanHort. We have also remained a member of the American Boxwood Society and hosted tours, including the one in June 2018, of our growing operations. Our network of contacts over the years has significantly contributed to our NewGen™ collection of boxwood.